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e-BULLETIN No. 106 – 21 December 2012


Hon Editor, Dr Ruth S. Kerr



1) BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance grants to community groups


2) Rail Trail Bridges in New Zealand - use of radiata pine


3) 'Queensland's Cultural Heritage - the Untold Stories': Forum and Roundtable


4) Local history - Traralgon Historical Society in Gippsland







1) BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance grants to community groups


BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance has a grant program which supplies one third of the total of community projects. Details are provided on the company’s website including dates for applications during the year.


(Source: BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance website)




2) Rail Trail Bridges in New Zealand - use of radiata pine


The Hauraki Rail Trail Bridges project in the Waihi region of the North island has won a prize in the sustainability section of the 2012 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards. The Rail Trail follows the route of old government and mining railways in the Kaurangahake Gorge area of New Zealand. The opening on bikeways on the closed railways enables visitors to interpret the mining and railway history and heritage of the area. There are 37 bridges ranging in length from four to 75 metres. Engineers stated that radiata pine enabled construction in difficult locations and the timber offers an aesthetical and sustainable outcome.


(Source: Hauraki Herald  2 November 2012 p.11)




3) 'Queensland's Cultural Heritage - the Untold Stories': Forum and Roundtable

Where: State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, South Bank
When: Early 2013

You are invited to a forum which will excite and inspire, through a contemporary and historical perspective, alternative histories and untold stories from throughout Queensland. It will look at how these stories can be created locally and shared globally.

Keynote speaker and case studies will look at examples of the value and power of cultural heritage and the digital tools which enable us to capture and share our stories.

Look out for more details coming your way soon

or contact Michelle Swales on 07 3842 9058, email

or Chris Sayer on 07 3840 7764, email

AND consider combining the forum with attendance at the ALIA Information Online conference, the premier event for information professionals – also conveniently in Brisbane the same



(Source: M&GSQ electronic newsletter - November 2012)




4) Local history - Traralgon Historical Society in Gippsland


The Traralgon Historical Society is involved in vital advocacy work in preserving the area’s heritage. They are participating with the Local Authority in its decision making as to whether the Ostlers House building next to Ryan’s Hotel in Franklin Street, Traralgon should be preserved in situ or demolished and reassembled. The building has been recorded on the Australian Government’s National Estate Register (Australian Heritage Database). The Society is also involved in correspondence with Main Roads Victoria regarding the relocation of the Strzelecki monument at the side of the road with the highway widening. They are also inviting a mining historian to present a paper on Strzelecki’s geological work in the region.


(Source: Traralgon Historical Society – 5 December 2012 and The Latrobe Valley Express 3 December 2012 p.6)