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Up to three FAHS Fellowships are awarded per annum in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the community history and heritage movement nationally and/or in more than one State or Territory. Honourees receive an appropriate certificate and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters FFAHS.

Any individual is eligible for this award who is a financial member of one of the member societies of the Federation, namely the Canberra and District Historical Society, Historical Society of the Northern Territory, History Trust of South Australia, Royal Australian Historical Society, Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Royal Historical Society of Victoria, the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, and the Tasmanian Historical Research Association or one of their affiliated societies.

Fellowships are awarded as recognition of an outstanding contribution to the community history and heritage movement nationally and/or in more than one State or Territory and/or a contribution at State/Territory level which has had national implications.

This could be demonstrated through one or more of the following:

• contribution on national historical/heritage bodies, including the FAHS;

• contribution to advocacy for the protection and conservation of movable and built heritage;

• contribution to Australian historiography across two or more States and/or Territories;

• publication of works that are designed to promote engagement with history and/or heritage or heritage protection;

• contribution at the national level to advocacy for and/or the teaching of history/heritage at primary, secondary and/or tertiary levels or similar, including teacher training and ongoing professional development;

• contribution to the technology of the preservation or promotion of built or movable heritage that has been taken up by organisations outside the State/Territory where it originated;

• other forms of contribution having a bearing on achieving the aims of the FAHS, member society and/or the community history movement.

Currently serving members of the FAHS Council are not eligible for nomination.

Download Fellowship Award Guidelines.

The nomination form may be downloaded as Fellowship Award nomination form - DOC format or Fellowship Award nomination form - PDF format

Nominations close on 30 June 2018 and must be addressed to the Executive Officer, Federation of Australian Historical Societies Inc., GPO Box 1440, Canberra ACT 2601, or Email:

List of people who have been awarded Fellowship of the FAHS.