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Heritage identification and protection


Many buildings, structures, landscapes, shipwrecks and objects have been identified as having a story to tell or have a technical, scientific or aesthetic value that makes them significant. Some National Trusts in Australia have been identifying such places and objects for many years and have created registers or lists of places that they felt should be saved for present and future generations. Although all Australian governments have introduced legislation to identify, protect and conserve heritage items, it is up to local communities to assist all levels of government to continue to protect these heritage assets.


This guide to heritage identification and protection is intended to provide a practical guide for local historical societies that wish to identify and protect local heritage places, objects and records. Identification and research of heritage sites is a way of supporting your local community. This can encourage increased cultural tourism while enriching your own collection and community standing.


This guide starts with:

The main part of the guide commences with the Australian federal government followed by each state/territory arranged alphabetically. It deals with:

In this modern age the most convenient way to find the pertinent information is to look on the web. Users must beware that web page addresses (URLs) change as do government policies and names of agencies.