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Heritage identification and protection

National grants and funding sources

Grants and Services Finder

The Grants and Services Finder is an online database that allows users to find information on Australian grants and services for the cultural sector. The database contains over 1,400 grants and services from over 1,200 organisations. These include organisations from shire councils, state government art bodies, and private providers. Visit the web site all about Grants and service finder. To use this browser to search for all applicable information:

This Australian Government culture portal is probably one of the most useful web pages but will go off line in 2010.


Grant guru community

Grant guru community is a web site for searching for grants for community based and not-for-profit organisations.


Gifts in kind international

Gifts in kind international may have some items that would be useful to your organisation, such as a free Dell printer, Adobe software and other software.


Microsoft Unlimited Potential Software Donations are demand-driven, based on the requests of individual non-profits to meet their organisational needs. Software donations are often an integral part of a community-based technology training program. Microsoft Australia is committed to providing software to non profit and charitable organisations. They want to make sure that in this digital age, technology is not a barrier to equality, but can be a powerful tool for change for our community. They are determined to provide support to as many charities and community groups as possible with their partnership with Donortec, a non-profit organisation that provides technical solutions to other non profits and charities.


Collections Australia Network

In 2004 the Australian Museums & Galleries On Line became Collections Australia Network or CAN, Australian cultural heritage collections on line. CAN web page has links to various sites relevant to museums and moveable heritage. The Collections Australia Network (CAN) portal is intended to be the public gateway to collecting institutions across Australia including the small to medium regional institutions.


Besides providing access to nationwide information on Australia’s cultural heritage, members of the public can also access an individual institution’s own CAN website to explore its specific content, including:

CAN produces various resources and maintains several services for people working in the heritage sector. These include a database of products and services (located under CAN Sector/Sector Resources on the CAN website), a database of touring exhibitions, a database of venues that host touring exhibitions, an online course in collection digitisation and resources for small and regional institutions.


Visit their web page which has a number of stand alone resources developed for those managing small collections. Select “Collections” and “How to” from the second and third drop-down menus for excellent information then click on Browse. CAN is a Cultural Ministers Council (CMC) project. The CMC was a joint initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments in partnership with the Australian museum sector. For more information write to CAN Coordination Unit, Powerhouse Museum, Box K346 Haymarket NSW 1238, or phone (02) 9217-0347.


Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material

In Australia, the national organisation for conservators and people interested in the preservation of movable cultural material is the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM). This organisation is involved with conservation including the related activities of preservation and restoration.


Conservation is about preventing damage and loss to our cultural heritage. Conservation aims to minimise change to collection material, to protect items from the adverse effects of climate and chemical deterioration, and to safeguard our heritage not only for ourselves but for future generations. Conservation activities may include preservation, restoration, examination, documentation, research, advice, treatment, preventive conservation, training and education.


The term ‘preservation’ refers to the protection of cultural property through activities that minimise chemical and physical deterioration, such as improved storage conditions and environmental control. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural material.


‘Restoration’ involves treatments that enhance the interpretation of cultural heritage – e.g. in painting losses in an oil painting so that the original appearance of the image is maintained. Restoration may also involve the reassembly of displaced components, removal of extraneous matter or integrating new materials or components in order to stabilise and strengthen the original artefact.


To AICCM, the term “Cultural Material” refers to all types of objects, ranging from the purely functional through to the purely decorative. It encompasses all items of historic, aesthetic, sentimental and monetary value. AICCM web page has information about organisations, sources of information and grants funding. The address for further information is Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Materials, The Secretary, GPO Box 1638, Canberra ACT 2601.


Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme

The Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS) is a maritime heritage assistance program that provides grants of up to $5000 for approved projects encompassing collection management, conservation and presentation. All maritime museums legally incorporated as non-profit-making bodies, whether privately or Government funded, are eligible. The program is administered by the Australian National Maritime Museum.


Click on guidelines for guidelines for MMAPSS grants. The postal address is Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme, Australian National Maritime Museum, GPO Box 5131, Sydney NSW 2001 and telephone number (02) 9298 3777.

The range of these grants includes:

conservation of individual items

organising a computerised database for a collection or special collection

action plan for a proposed heritage trail

conservation plan for a museum or major moveable object within the museum

restoration of a heritage display unit

management and storage of a heritage collection

research history of a museum’s historic item

producing education kit for a museum

design and construct interpretive displays.


National Library of Australia - Community Heritage Grants

The >National Library of Australia administers the Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program which aims to identify Australian cultural heritage collections which are publicly accessible, locally held and nationally significant. Organisations such as historical societies, libraries, museums and multicultural and indigenous groups may apply for cash grants of up to $15,000 to assist in the preservation and access to these collections. For more information ring the Coordinator on 02 6262 1147, email or write to Coordinator, CHG, National Library of Australia, Parkes, ACT 2600.


The program is funded by the Australian Government and managed by the National Library of Australia, with support provided by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts; the National Archives of Australia; the National Film and Sound Archive and the National Museum of Australia.


Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

The Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts offer heritage grants and funding.


Parliament of Australia - Parliamentary Library

The Parliament of Australia Parliamentary Library web page provides:

Australian Government - GrantsLINK

The Australian Government GrantsLINK has information on web sites the provide grants in relation to culture and heritage.


Some useful web pages for advice on heritage grants Australia wide are:


Museums & Galleries NSW - funding sources in NSW and Australia wide

Information about funding sources for NSW museums can be found at Grants overview. If you click Grants, Funding and Fellowships Links it goes to a web page that has an annotated list of funding sources in NSW and Australia wide


Indigenous heritage

Grants and funding programs for Indigenous Australians includes the Indigenous Heritage program(IHP), which supports the identification, conservation and promotion of the Indigenous heritage values of places important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Project grants between $5,000 and $100,000 are available to support the protection and conservation of Indigenous heritage. The web page has more information.


The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies through its Research Grants Program funds and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies, and can support applications for heritage conservation research. The Institute maintains an extensive library and publications program. For more information visit the web page.


Visit the Culture portal for more information on Indigenous web pages.


Visions of Australia

Visions of Australia aims to enable more Australians to enjoy our diverse culture by accessing exhibitions of cultural material. It provides funding to eligible organisations to develop and tour exhibitions of Australian cultural material across Australia. Exhibitions should have a predominantly Australian source or theme.


There are two funding rounds each year. Applications close on:

All applications must be in the required format and must be received by the advertised closing dates. Late applications and applications that are emailed or faxed will not be accepted.


For more information visit the web page or send an email to


Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation funds programs that benefit the communities of which Macquarie is a part. Funding categories include the areas of education, the arts and the environment. [check this think N/A]


Visit Macquarie Group grants for more information. The funding criteria are flexible and open. To make a submission, check out the application process. Each application is assessed on its individual merit and the Foundation welcomes applications for funding from a diverse range of community-based initiatives that are working in innovative ways to provide long-term benefits. All applications are formally reviewed quarterly. Thinking laterally the application could argue that by identifying and researching places of heritage value this could promote cultural tourism thus benefiting the community. For more information either visit the web page, write to Macquarie Bank Foundation, Government and Public Affairs, Level 22, 20 Bond St Sydney, NSW 2000 or phone (02) 9237 4092.


Ian Potter Foundation

The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s leading private philanthropic organisations. The Foundation has a track record of funding projects led by far sighted individuals and organisations that improve the Australian community’s ability to respond creatively to social, environmental, science and health issues, and that develop our capacity as a nation through the arts and education. The Foundation supports applications up to $20,000 to enable community or interest groups, particularly smaller Heritage Trust Groups, to prepare Conservation Management Plans that record built heritage which can be demonstrated to be of significance, and identify viable end uses for the asset. Visit Grants eligibility to see if your organisation is eligible. For guidelines contact the Foundation at Level 3, 111 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 or phone (03) 9650 3188.


Australian Local Government Association

Don’t forget to check your own local government authority for community grants and other relevant funding. Visit the Australian Local Government Association for a listing of various state local government associations. Many of the larger local government authorities have published information on heritage and conservation to assists owners, planners, developers and/or school children. Some of these publications may be relevant to your organisation.