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List of Fellows

1998   Emeritus Professor Alan Shaw (VIC) (deceased)

1999   Lyell Gillespie (ACT) (deceased)

1999   Dr.Alan Roberts (ACT)

1999   Peter Spillett (NT) (deceased)

2000   Dr. Rosemary Annable (NSW)

2000   Professor Michael Roe (TAS)

2000   Margaret Medcalf (WA)

2001   Emeritus Professor Weston Bate (VIC) (deceased)

2001   Patricia Clarke (ACT)

2001   Emeritus Professor Brian Fletcher (NSW)

2002   Professor John Pearn (QLD)

2003   John Douglas Kerr (QLD) (deceased)

2003   Dr. Peter Bell (SA)

2003   Dr. Jennifer Harrison (QLD)

2003   Dan Sprod (TAS)

2004   Emeritus Professor David Carment (NT – now NSW)

2005   Dr. Lorna McDonald (QLD) (deceased)

2006   Dr. Lionel Gilbert (NSW) (deceased)

2007   Dr. Alison Alexander (TAS)

2008   Associate Professor Don Garden (VIC)

2008   Dr. Bruce Pennay (NSW)

2009   Emeritus Professor Jill Roe (NSW) (deceased)

2010   Emeritus Professor Reg Appleyard (WA)

2010   Bruce Baskerville (Norfolk Island)

2011   Emeritus Professor Kay Saunders (QLD)

2012   Wendy Carter (WA)

2012   Dr. Michael Pearson (ACT)

2013   Emeritus Professor Alan Powell (NT)

2013   Associate Professor Stefan Petrow (TAS)

2014   Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Blainey (VIC)

2015   Lennie McCall (WA)

2015   Dr. Brian Reid (NT)

2016   Margaret Anderson (VIC)

2016   Emeritus Professor Patricia Grimshaw (VIC)

2017   Emeritus Professor Graeme Davison (VIC)

2017   Professor Marian Quartly (VIC)

2017   Dr. Richard Reid (ACT)

2018   Justice Simon Molesworth (VIC)